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See Us In Action


There is a lot of learning to be done at Christian Women's Job Corps Grand Prairie; however, we know to have a good time too! We would love for you to join us in an upcoming session as either a volunteer or participant to help grow CWJC-GP, please contact us today!

Learning Valuable Skills

To become a successful woman, women must be empowered with life skills and tools to help them succeed! Enrolling in a session with Christian Women's Job Corps Grand Prairie will give you key tools to help you become the successful woman you want to be in a competitive world. You will learn how to impact change with the skills you will enhance and develop. Curricula are built with you in mind!

Take Care of Yourself

Successful women have to not only take care of themselves but also make sure they are presentable for any opportunity that may arise. First impressions mean a lot to many people. By taking care of yourself, you can make an impression that will last. Christian Women's Job Corps Grand Prairie, realizes the importance self-care and what it means to encompass the full meaning of success!

Thank you Hair Pair for all of the fabulous cuts and styles!

Dress for Success

You'll learn new skills, learn how to put you first, and most importantly, you'll learn how to dress for success! You will learn how to be a successful business woman! Learning how to do all these things will help you ace your next job interview, move forward in the job you already have, and will help you see the true treasure you are! You are beautiful and successful! 

Thank you Attitudes and Attire for all of the clothes to help women dress for success!

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