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A Special Thanks

All of us here at Christian Women's Job Corps Grand Prairie want to especially thank the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce and Lynn McGinley for all they do to support CWJC-GP! Your continued support helps change the lives of women and the communities in which they live. 

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Your Contribution...

Your contributions to Christian Women's Job Corps Grand Prairie provides:

  • $50 provides Bibles and Journals

  • $75 provides a tote bag (in a class of 10)

  • $100 provides all supplies a student should need

Here is another breakdown based on a class of 10 students:

  • $20 Poster Boards/Colored Pens 

  • $35 Headphones for Computer 

  • $50 Binders 

  • $50 Pens/Pencils/Glue Sticks/High Lighters 

  • $60 Journals 

  • $70 Tote Bags

  • $80 Thumb Drives 

  • $84 Bibles

  • $125 Water Service 

  • $170 Computer Lab Paper/ink 

  • $200 Space Rental 

  • $220 Printer Paper other classes/ink 

  • $240 Internet Access 

  • $290 Graduation Expense 



Donor Recognition


Private giving has been critical in helping Christian Women’s Job Corps Grand Prairie transform the lives of the women enrolled in the program.  Recognizing donors is an important way for Christian Women’s Job Corps Grand Prairie to express its deep appreciation and show supporters how their generosity helps to foster life change and give incentive to enhance life and learning skills. We are deeply appreciative of our donors and their support of CWJC-GP’s endeavors.  Every gift helps CWJC-GP empower women by teaching them life skills that will help them change their lives and the lives of their family members in a positive way.


To thank donors for their partnership, Christian Women’s Job Corps Grand Prairie has developed an annual event to honor these dedicated supporters for their consistent gifts and celebrate all they have done for CWJC-GP.


Your regular contributions help women enhance their lives, make a difference in the lives of their family members, and give them a future and a hope in an overwhelming world. The hearts of these women are revealed through the empowerment they receive when they learn the importance they have on the world. Each woman who completes the program is honored at a graduation event. This event truly encompasses the magnitude of your contributions. Your donations change lives, give hope, and change the future of the women enrolled in a program at Christian Women's Job Corps Grand Prairie. 


We hope you will consider giving in a way convenient to you today!

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